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Some more good videos only at YouTube

Hello Oriya video lovers. These are links to some good Oriya videos available only at YouTube, which I can't embed here. Please click on the links to view those.

Priya Tume

Aau Thare Jadi Kebe

Kotha bhoga khiya (bhajan)


  1. if u can bring some old odia adhunika sangit , it wouldbe better 4 trendie lovers. i was wondering if i can get the following songs
    1.sunaphula rupaphula sabumote dela(year:1973)
    singer:geeta khuntia
    lyricist:shirshananda das kanungo
    music director:Akhaya mohanty
    2.sabita sabita bhuli mun paruni tamara se asta rangara chithi
    singer:amarendra mohanty
    lyricist:shibabrata das
    m.d.:akhaya mohanty
    3.kania saji aji kemiti mun hasibi

    if anyone can find them, plz plz plz mail me on


  2. @Stahl
    Nice to hear that you love these songs. If we able to find that, we will update those. In case you find it, please share with us.

    Be out fan on facebook: to get informed.

    Oriya Video Songs Team


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